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O2Vasc and Aesire topical serums are backed by clinical studies, applied to the genital region to provide hydration, tone, and soothing effects. It can be used daily and prior to sexual activity to improve performance, comfort and satisfaction. Intigen labs take pride in formulating serums with natural ingredients and is safe to use daily as needed or desired.

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Zoom Aesir Mens performance serum- Wholesale 6 pack

Aesir Mens performance serum- Wholesale 6 pack

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Suggested retail $90 per bottle.

Clinically Demonstrated Topical Serum For Males Dr. Peter Sinaiko-Board Certified Urologist 

•  Compounded exclusively by Physicians for Males 

•  Composed of natural ingredients combined with proprietary delivery system 

•  Uses no unsafe compounds and contains no hormones or stimulants 

•  Clinically tested with Documented results 

•  Energizing sexuality and potential by quickly and safely improving localized tone, hydration, sensitivity, strength, and reaction. 

•  Is safe for daily use and causes no irritation or side effects 

•  For use daily and also approximately 15 minutes prior to sexual activity to create an alluring and sensual experience 

AESIR is Clinically demonstrated to create localized benefits within 15 minutes of application  Aesir Topical serum with all-natural compounds and other active synergists that help improve localized benefits and subsequent potential.  Used daily and also prior to sexual activity, subjects reported more satisfying, enduring and cumulative benefit.  Used as a stand-alone or as a natural adjunct to ED Therapies (proven effective as adjunct based on clinical studies) 
I have used the Topical Male Serum on hundreds of patients with excellent results, as shown both by clinical testing and anecdotal feedback.  Most of these men use the serum on a regular basis, either alone or as an adjunct with other medical or pharmaceutical assistance. 

Dr. Peter Sinaiko M.D., F.A.C.S. Diplomate American Board of Urology  

Aesir is available is 6 x 1 ounce bottles (30 mL)

I had a mild pleasant “tingling” sensation with the serum which disappeared within 90 seconds. I then experienced very satisfying relations with no discomfort.

41 year old woman

When I use the serum I experience a warming sensation and almost instantaneous moistness, and it lasts for hours. I also enjoy intimacy more afterward as well.

57 year old woman

I had a strong immediate tingling sensation and when using the serum. I also noted a spontaneous vaginal lubrication and experienced a strong response.

70 year old women

When applying the serum I had an amazing response with moisturizing. I also got a feeling of overall calmness. I want to purchase the product as soon as it is available

68 year old woman

I have a very positive result with the serum. I feel a great benefit in moisture and desire. I came back to the office requesting more product and plan to use it on a daily basis.

56 year old woman @username
Zoom Ovasc Female serum- Wholesale 6 pack

Ovasc Female serum- Wholesale 6 pack

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Suggested retail $90 per bottle

O2Vasc Feminine Serum is a light and easy to apply serum designed specifically for women.  It is used to hydrate, tone, and soothe clitoral tissue.  O2Vasc can be used by adult women of all ages and is especially beneficial for post menopausal women.  It can be applied once daily and also prior to sexual activity.  O2Vasc is available in an easy to use and attractive bottle with a measured dose pump. One to two pumps provides ample material to cover the area and one bottle will provide approximately 35-40 applications, enough for about 30 days use.  O2Vasc has been clinically studied and is available through medical clinics.

O2Vasc: 6 x 1 ounce bottles (30 mL)

What is the Ovasc difference?

Applied once daily, O2Vasc can be used to refresh, hydrate, and sooth clitoral skin.  O2Vasc can also be used prior to sexual activity to impart and engaging and pleasant scent to help create an alluring and sensual experience.