Zoom Aesir Mens performance serum- Wholesale 6 pack

Aesir Mens performance serum- Wholesale 6 pack

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Clinically Demonstrated Topical Serum For Males Dr. Peter Sinaiko-Board Certified Urologist 

•  Compounded exclusively by Physicians for Males 

•  Composed of natural ingredients combined with proprietary delivery system 

•  Uses no unsafe compounds and contains no hormones or stimulants 

•  Clinically tested with Documented results 

•  Energizing sexuality and potential by quickly and safely improving localized tone, hydration, sensitivity, strength, and reaction. 

•  Is safe for daily use and causes no irritation or side effects 

•  For use daily and also approximately 15 minutes prior to sexual activity to create an alluring and sensual experience 

AESIR is Clinically demonstrated to create localized benefits within 15 minutes of application  Aesir Topical serum with all-natural compounds and other active synergists that help improve localized benefits and subsequent potential.  Used daily and also prior to sexual activity, subjects reported more satisfying, enduring and cumulative benefit.  Used as a stand-alone or as a natural adjunct to ED Therapies (proven effective as adjunct based on clinical studies) 
I have used the Topical Male Serum on hundreds of patients with excellent results, as shown both by clinical testing and anecdotal feedback.  Most of these men use the serum on a regular basis, either alone or as an adjunct with other medical or pharmaceutical assistance. 

Dr. Peter Sinaiko M.D., F.A.C.S. Diplomate American Board of Urology  

Aesir is available is 6 x 1 ounce bottles (30 mL)